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Across New York City, there are currently six 9-14 model schools in operation, all in partnership with colleges and different industries—healthcare, information technology, business, computer science, advertising, and engineering. Please take some time to visit the links below to learn more about this cutting-edge movement in education, and check back for updated content. Energy Tech is an exciting opportunity to participate in an innovative pathway to college and career.

For more information about the P-TECH movement of 9-14 schools in New York City, please visit

For more information about the P-TECH movement of 9-14 schools across the country, please visit


Summer Bridge for Incoming 9th Graders!

An optional summer bridge for incoming students will begin on Monday, 7/16 and conclude on Friday, 7/17. The program will include STEM project-based learning related to green construction, robotics, and mathematics. Students will also engage in team-building activities and special sessions on our partner college campus where they will learn more about our unique school model. Information was mailed home to incoming students - please contact Energy Tech if the address that we currently have on file is incorrect.

Summer Family/Student Orientation for Incoming Students

An evening orientation for incoming students and families will take place on Tuesday, 7/24, from 5PM to 7PM, in the Energy Tech auditorium. We will be reviewing this year's student and family handbook, our Course of Study Guide, and other important information and forms that need to be completed and signed. If you cannot attend, please contact Sara Mohamed, Parent Coordinator, to make an appointment to pick up your packet. Please RSVP!

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