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Ariana Radcliffe
Teacher, English

Ariana Radcliffe has been a high school English teacher in New York City for five years. She has taught previously in Bay Ridge and Harlem, and is excited about being in her home borough, Queens. Ms. Radcliffe has taught 11th and 12th Grade English, Creative Writing, and Children's Literature. 

During her Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, Ms. Radcliffe studied English Folklore in the UK, and was able to travel though Europe learning about various myths and legends from across the continent. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the Macaulay Honors College at Queens College in 2010, and her Master of Secondary Education degree from CUNY Queens College in 2011. 

Ms. Radcliffe is an avid reader, and is always looking for new book recommendations. She loves traveling, trying new foods, exploring new cultures, and learning all she can about new locations. She is also a die-hard Yankees fan.