Gabriel Davis
Teacher, Mathematics

Gabriel Davis joined the Energy Tech staff in its first year as a math teacher, and is absolutely thrilled that this year he gets to teach his very favorite subject: Geometry. 

Mr. Davis earned his BA in Mathematics from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, where he graduated magna cum laude and did research in both pure and applied math. This included a summer research grant to design a mathematical model to help understand the impact of new vaccines on the transmission rate of malaria. After graduation, Mr. Davis was a member of Match Corps VIII at Match Charter High School in Boston, and studied for several months at the Match Teacher Residency (now known as the Sposato Graduate School of Education). He earned his MA in Mathematics Education from the City College of New York and is a fellow with Math for America, a professional organization for math teachers who know and love math and who teach in public schools in New York City and beyond. 

His biggest goal as a teacher is to help his students come to see math both as an invaluable tool for making sense of the world we live in, and as an amazing set of ideas worth learning for their own sake. 

He grew up in Oregon, and refuses to worry about the stereotypes he might represent when he drinks huge amounts of coffee or wears something plaid. 

His favorite thing about Energy Tech is the amazing tight-knit community of staff and students that he gets to work with every day. 

Outside of the classroom, you can find him reading, working on recreational math problems, listening to an unhealthy number of current-events podcasts, and playing video games.