Hope Barter

Hope Barter has been an educator in the New York City Public Schools for thirteen years, and has served at both the school and network levels. She began her career in the South Bronx as a Spanish teacher through the New York City Teaching Fellows, and then served on the founding team to open York Early College Academy in South Jamaica, Queens.  

At this school, she served as the Advisor to students, taught a variety of subjects including mathematics and art, led teacher teams, and collaborated with CUNY faculty to develop and oversee the first college course offered to students through their early college program. 

At the network level, Ms. Barter served on the instructional team for the CUNY network of schools. In this capacity, she led teams of teachers making the transition to the Common Core standards and a changing teacher evaluation system. Additionally, she mentored school leaders across approximately 20 middle and high schools.  

In 2012, she began developing the proposal for Energy Tech, in collaboration with professionals from the school’s many partnerships. She has been the principal since the school’s opening in 2013, and is thrilled to bring this unique opportunity to the Astoria/Long Island City community of which she is a resident. 

Ms. Barter graduated from Cornell University in 2004, where she earned a B.A. with distinction. She earned an M.A. at Lehman College through the New York City Teaching Fellows, and an advanced certificate in school and district leadership through Hunter College.  

Prior to her experiences in New York City, Barter worked in upstate New York on various projects aimed at improving educational opportunities for disadvantaged children and families both domestically and internationally.  She was part of a research team studying sustainable community development in rural India in 2004.