Jenny Fried
Teacher, History

Jenny Fried moved from Northern California to New York City in 2008 to attend New York University. While at NYU, Ms. Fried majored in Classics with a focus in Ancient History and she traveled through Greece to study various archeological sites including the Acropolis in Athens, Marathon, and Delphi. She has extensively studied Ancient Greek and Latin. Before graduating, Ms. Fried wrote an undergraduate honors thesis exploring the economic transformation of the Athenian Empire during the Peloponnesian War, for which she won a research prize in Classics. After attending New York University, Ms. Fried spent a year continuing her study of Classics at the University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Fried then attended Teachers College at Columbia and received a Masters in Social Studies Education. She student taught at The Brooklyn Latin School and at Juan Morel Campos Secondary School. She is thrilled to teach 10th Grade Global History at Energy Tech. Outside of Energy Tech, Ms. Fried enjoys dancing Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz at various New York City professional dance schools.