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Julie Edmonds
Teacher, English

Julie Edmonds has taught English in New York City for the past nine years. Prior to entering the field of education, Ms. Edmonds worked as a social worker in child protective services. Ms. Edmonds has worked with middle schoolers in the South Bronx, high schoolers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and now with 10th graders in Long Island City.

Ms. Edmonds graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Sociology and from Bard Masters of Arts in Teaching with a degree in English Education. During college she had the opportunity to study abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico, and she loves cooking and eating Mexican food. Ms. Edmonds loves reading, writing, making art, traveling, hiking, and watching movies. However, she spends most of her time hanging out at the playground with her husband, her three-year-old son, Thomas, and six-month-old baby, Declan.