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Beth Antonelli

Beth Antonelli has been an educator with New York City public schools for the past five years. She began her career in the South Bronx. She has taught English and Special Education, led teacher teams, been a model teacher, and worked on a fellowship with the Expanded Succcess Initiative program to develop culturally responsive English curriculum.

Antonette Bartelucci

Antonette Bartelucci attended Fordham University where she earned a BA in English and a Master’s degree in English Adolescence Education 7-12. She is also currently enrolled in a leadership program at CUNY Hunter College. For the past five years, Antonette has been working as an educator of English Language Arts in the New York City Public School system and is in her fourth year at Energy Tech High School. In addition to teaching, she is also in her second year as a Peer Collaborative Teacher focusing on the development and support of the teachers at Energy Tech.

Hope Barter

Hope Barter has been an educator in the New York City Public Schools since 2004, and has served at both the school and network levels. She began her career in the South Bronx as a Spanish teacher through the New York City Teaching Fellows, and then served on the founding team to open York Early College Academy in South Jamaica, Queens. At this school, she served as the advisor to students, taught a variety of subjects, led teacher teams, and collaborated with CUNY faculty to develop and oversee the first college course offered to students through their early college program.