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Olena Kebalo
Teacher, Biology

Olena Kebalo has a BA in Biology and an MA in secondary science education. Ms. Kebalo previously taught high school and Gifted and Talented middle school Living Environment and is proud to say that she is a Math for America Master Teacher. Ms. Kebalo loves science and is especially interested in genetics and biotechnology. Ms. Kebalo speaks fluent Ukrainian and is highly proficient in Spanish. She loves to combine her love of languages with her passion for science and often incorporates different languages into her lessons. Her goal is to travel the world and to know at least one phrase in every language.

Ms. Kebalo is a Queens native and is thrilled to be part of the Energy Tech community. She is excited to inspire students to love science just as much as she does, and maybe to even adopt her motto: “Science is life and life is Science.”

When not teaching, Ms. Kebalo is running, practicing yoga, cooking, or reading a good book.