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Sara Mohamed
Parent Coordinator

Sara Mohamed was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  She graduated from City College of New York with a Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Multimedia Design.

Ms. Mohamed has been working as a Parent Coordinator at Energy Tech for 3 years. She has demonstrated a keen interest in supporting students and families with academic, social, and emotional development, and has worked hard to build trust with our greater school community.  In addition to her roles and responsibilities as Parent Coordinator, Sara has also worked closely with college and career advisement staff to plan special events, communicate with students and families about programs, and support students with travel to and from our partner college campus.   

Ms. Mohamed is sought out by both students and families, as they know that they will be met with patience, respect, and with her genuine and unyielding willingness to support others with challenges. In her first year with Energy Tech, she worked hard to be known and trusted by our community - by attending and presenting at monthly Community Coffee Hours, by arranging meetings with teachers and families, and by supporting our Parent Association Executive Board as they launched new initiatives.  In all of her endeavors, she has consistently shown a positive attitude and a commitment to helping our school continue to grow.